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Elisha Alcantara, Realtor & Owner
Business Strategist|Coach

Elisha is dedicated to helping clients navigate the world of real estate from an investment perspective. She guides each client through making smart decisions that positively impact their financial future.

Her focus is helping and supporting people through all transitions in life. She makes it a point to start each client experience with a round of conversation so she can better understand the depth of each person she meets. Once she knows someone, she is able to help them align their search with their true goals. Because of the intimate nature of her process, clients end up becoming lifelong friends.

Elisha has taken a straight-talk approach in real estate. You can depend on her to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. This helps keep people in line with their dreams and out of their emotions. Elisha is passionate about helping others and this creates a service-based connection.

Elisha's work ethic, experience, and communication skills stand out from the first point of contact and beyond. These strengths allow her to secure mutual acceptance for buyers in multiple offer situations, garner higher offers for sellers, and talk through potential updates on a home that can take it from a "no" to a "dream" in short order, all while creating a setting for a smooth transaction.

Buying and selling real estate can be stressful and Elisha understands that. She is committed to being a support to those she serves. Her philosophy is why stress when she's just a phone call or text away and she makes herself available to clients for this very purpose.

Elisha has experience in almost every realm of residential real estate from matching people with their perfect primary residence to building and renovating homes, to acquiring and managing rental properties, navigating short sales, and buying foreclosure properties from the courthouse steps.

Elisha's roots in Oregon go back over 30 years. After living in California and Nevada, and doing some traveling, she once again made Portland her home base in 2007.

Some of her other passions include spending time with her two kids and partner, reading, traveling, designing, and engaging in all things plants!

              | @elishaandtaryn

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